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The vapeciga smok nord2 pods is a kit Smok most popular manufacturers. Earlier this year, but did not like a review until late for the final exam. Smok needs no introduction, as they are the best selling business today, but my experience is a business forum midlevel as a whole, but perhaps the most hated around.

Manufacturer Specifications: Mod
High -Amplificador 20700/21700 dual batteries – not included
18650 dual battery option
Watt Output Range: 1-230W
The range of output voltage: 0.5-9.5V
Low resistance atomizer: 0.06ohm
Temperature range: 200-600F
Supports Ni200 nickel, titanium and stainless steel heater
Memory Mode precision
Voice control system – Developed AI Technology
exclusive zinc alloy construction
A striking visual design armored
Full-matrix OLED color screen – customizable colors
Battery serial connection
dual battery indicator
monitoring Hojaldre
next to the fire button stealth – pinch to fire
Ergonomically positioned control buttons
Micro USB port – Firmware Update
510 Access
Description Manufacturer: Tanks
Diameter base 24.5 mm
Diameter 28 mm at its widest point
The maximum capacity of 8 ml juice
the stainless steel construction on
Pyrex glass ampoules – quality food
high grade glass building
Resistant to high temperatures – Explosion
convenient swivel design Top-Fill – key locking mechanism
dual flow control adjustable air base
Prince coil system TFV12
Prince V12 line 0.15ohm coil – Nominal 40-100W
0.15ohm V12 Prince mesh Coil – rated for 40-80W
Cobra 810 Ultra Wide drip edge resin
510 Access
Included in the box:
1 I-Box PRIV 230W Mod
prince tank 1 TFV12
1 0.15ohm V12 Prince basic line
V12 base 1 0.15ohm Prince Mesh
Adapter 1 18650
1 tube glass replacement
PRIV 1 USB cable
1 Part bag
1 training manual

When Mod, I thought “I” clink in SMOK RPM 80 Pro am Iron Man. This is clearly designed to look like full armor with shield in the arc reactor chest. Besides that you talk like Jarvis. It’s a little scared of me and turned me so it would not be a voice command. Too fancy for my taste. It also has an LED on the bottom, you can program, but do not know why

Overall, I feel mod performance simply nothing. He struggled a bit with a 0.12 ohm set common to most of the mods in the resistance is small, but not like this. This is particularly exposed to a little low to very low in general. I can get a maximum of 222 watts, so I guess it must be accurately evaluated at 230 watts. Limit of 7,048 volts showed no amplification circuit. 8.2V volt maximum user list is a good model without amplification circuit rating but it seems to be closer to eight would be a better note I make use of high ohmic coil tends to be a success. They do not restrict the amps listed in this mod and the most I get out is 39 ohm coils 0.12, which is the average of multiple battery model (an average of about 40 days). But slightly lower than the other double mods 21,700 I tried. Personally, if I list the specifications call mod 230 watts, and 8V 40A. an overall score is good, if you really only registered watts and volts.

SS mode use all smok mag grip show new wire 92, have tested 8 generation. 2 single towers single coil, double coil 2 single towers, two luxury construction of one coil and two luxury double coil construction. SS mode lets you adjust the TCR. Without TCR dedicated mode, but because you can set the default mode it is fine in my book.

This model uses a standard 5 Press to lock or unlock mod. Use 3 Click to access the menu and the menu there is an option to disable the mod. A nail Smok things always seemed to me is the menu system. It is very easy to use and this is no exception. Fire 3 clicks will take you to a menu where you have the mode, breath control, my setup, screen, sound settings, and adjust the cable with reduced mobility. Mode setting that has the power, and CT for Ni, Ti and SS and memory mode watt. I do not know how much memory watts of reasons, but whatever. TC IN mode you can adjust the strength and TCR supply mode, you can adjust the heating earlier than usual, soft and hard. My Settings allows you to change the amount of force you to adjust the sound controls. You can adjust color screen timeout. Color LED explicit and plenty of choice. general menu and easy to use mod. Do not Mess with My mod voice commands you speak is strange that disabled it. It’s not really useful feature is also IMO and tidak’bahkan use my phone a lot.

The smok trinity alpha tank get code gradually adjusted to 0.1 watts least 100 watts and gradually all 100 watts or more, but not round robin. If you hold the adjustment has not been completely less than 100 watts and rolls and fast enough. Overall, well done there, and quick and easy to adjust, but I’m not a fan of the addition of 0.1 watts.

There is paint on both mod too. They have come a long way from the exterior paint was chipped. The Black Mine was a mixture of black body with red highlights in bar fire before the bar of metal and spruce button circle around the screen and customize. Prism turns into a prism of light, but not what I would dull the finish except for a bright red reflex and seems to have a good clear coat on them. Very well done out there. a fire and fire dislocation button bar. It works well and never had anything locked or right and very convenient to use and can be taken by pressing the mornings. 510-pin gave me a problem and each spray is used a great job flawlessly. 25 mm flush handle mod atomizer and because of the design with nothing better armor could not shoulder a greater fitness than him. color display screen is a good size changes to text that you can change the color. It is bright and easy to see and generally a big screen in the middle of the colorful and small in black and white in most mods. In addition to the mod image is not in itself a small logo on a white screen and Smok I-personal at the same behind the plate rather small to draw a gray n backplate. They do not list the load and do not recommend charging the internal changes the device’s charge level has not been tested in this way because of this.

Vapeciga smok nfix pods Prince Rundown

Now comes the important part, the performance of the coil. Without Platform RBA if limited only select coil. I’m using two coils that comes with the kit. The first coil was 0.15 ohms V12 good reel around 70-80 watts and taste was average, not great, but not bad, but unfortunately died about 40 ml of Use live in poverty. Next is 0.15 ohm coils V12 good nets about 60-70 watts and the flavor was good, not bad. Not as good as the roll of tape and hard 24ml spray began to make a brief. Overall not a very good shape and good taste of the good life is in the best rolls.

power mode performance is solid, but not very well
accurately assessed for watt (222)
Limitations good amplifier (39)
Battery is easy to obtain, without damaging the package
Beautiful fire button
atomizers handle 25 mm without false
easy to adjust quickly watt
color (8)
user friendly menu
TCR setting and adjusting the total power in the TC
beautiful color screen size
Good bar fire
TC is just passable. Not terrible, but not great
small problem Force (tourniquets battery, screeching noise from the bar in the fire)
including coil tank is not very good

So, with all that said, I recommend this kit or not? I do not like or are not difficult, but let’s break it down piece by piece. Tank like most in the kit is not really feasible purchased separately. tank is much better than the market, but on par with most tanks are included in the kit. I prefer to buy a mod and a separate tank. For now little mod mod it tends not as TC, but little else as an electric mod. 2×700 double ton no mods on the market and only have to test 3.

It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.

You can buy here: smok tank

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