Learn about nicotine so you can choose the vaporizer juice right for you

Nicotine is an alkaloid extracted from the plant Nicotiana tabacum snuff. It can be synthesized but this is an expensive process that is not commonly used. It is even found in small amounts in common foods, such as tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants. The nicotine works as both a relaxing and stimulating, with reported effects such as elevated mood, alertness and calm. In general, it is considered physically and psychologically addictive, and many vapers smokers began as through mail juice with different levels of nicotine. e-juice business can be purchased without nicotine, but usually sold with a variety of strengths.

The choice of suitable nicotine strength is an important decision for the new Vaper. Too much and you might end up coughing, too weak and you may wonder why such a fuss. Or even worse, you spend a large bottle of cash into a high quality juice, only to discover that the strength of nicotine that is not enough to satisfy your cravings.

E-liquid comes with power ranging from zero to nicotine, and rose to more than 50 mg / mL. You also may have seen the nicotine strength expressed as a percentage rather than concentration. All this can be confusing at the beginning, but not have to! This guide will help you in the right direction choosing the power of nicotine, and will show you how to navigate the market.

Please note that the information presented in this article relates to the power of e-liquid nicotine in a commercial. If you learn how to mix your own juice, which may involve dilution of the base nicotine-see our article on how to make DIY e-juice to start.

Regular and nicotine salts NIC: two major options
The Juul is not only one of the most popular all Vapes, it is also one of the most influential. One of the most important effects of market Juul has been the introduction of salt nicotine e-liquid, which has changed the way many users quit smoking and start vaping.

You can find more information in the guide of our nic Mini nicotine salts, but why break the power of nicotine 3 mg and 6 mg to 25 mg or 60 mg online store looks. In simple terms, the use of salt compounds NIC (benzoic acid) which eliminates the sensation of nicotine throat, make a greater concentration of more tolerable.

When the power of nicotine in milligrams and percentages (more on this later), a unique means of digits that may well ol’nikotin usual (sometimes disebut’Freebase’nikotin). Anything over 20 mg / ml can E-liquid nicotine salt, with minor exceptions. There is no direct correlation between these two, but most people say that the blow throat feels nic 6 Adjusting mg or less as 20-25 mg of salt nic.

With such high salt concentrations of nicotine has become synonymous with sheath system and other devices with low power and the steam outlet.

What is the best strength of nicotine for you?
If you are a new Vaper, there are two main factors to consider in choosing a nicotine strengths: their smoking habits, and the type of device to be used. To help you navigate the market, we have classified our suggestions steam outlet, as this is the factor that ultimately determines the amount of nicotine consumed per puff.

If smoke socially, or to about 10 cigarettes a day, it falls in the lower range of each suggestion. Approximately day packages will land somewhere in the middle, while smoked two packs or more will take you to the higher regions.
Remember that strength is suggested in this section are just that: suggestions. Using as a starting point, but if you find you prefer vape stronger or weaker, do not be afraid to try other nicotine strength. best nicotine strengths is what takes you away from the lit cigarette.

Low steam
Discretely cloud, similar to the amount generated by a cigarette. This includes most of the pod system on the market, and mouth to the lungs of the tank (MTL) with air flow is very tight. Nic salt of a high percentage is the most popular choice for this category, as many companies have stopped producing juice regularly nicotine over 6 mg / ml.

Regular nicotine: 9-18 mg / mL
Nicotine salts: 30-60 mg / mL
means for steam
Cloud, but not many. Devices that fall into this category may come from almost the entire range of products. It includes a sheath system which carries coils sub ohms, aerated tanks MTL, and even sub tank ohm having a tie lungs are very limited.

Regular nicotine: 09.06 mg / mL
Nicotine salts: 20 to 30 mg / mL
high steam
great cloud. This includes a strong sub tank ohm and repairable atomizers channels airflow large. Nic find salt for this category may not be so easy, and most Vapers usually go for regular nicotine juice.

Regular nicotine: 1.5 to 6 mg / mL
Nicotine salts: up to 10 mg / mL
When it comes to quit smoking, a new suggested vapers test a device of low vapor either a sheath or tank system MTL. This aspiration to imitate a cigarette, helping smokers to smooth the transition vaping. However, many people prefer to draw directly lungs is restricted, or even draw wide open, and in the case that a more robust sheath system or sub ohm tank may be the best option.

Converting percentages mg / mL
Suppose that you have now tried several nicotine strengths, and opted for one that meets your needs. Even if you narrow it down, it can still sometimes be confusing. Sometimes manufacturers list nicotine strength by percentage, such as 0.3%, 0.6%, 2.5% and 5%. So what are you doing? What is written / ml the difference between the strength of nicotine as mg, and they were written as a percentage? How do you convert from one to another?

the strength of nicotine in mg / mL
shown most of the time, e-liquid nicotine strength in mg / ml, which is for milligram per milliliter. This means that for each milliliter of e-liquid in the bottle, there is a certain amount of nicotine is.

To 6 mg / ml E-juice, this means that each ml contains 6 mg nicotine. If you work the total amount of nicotine in the bottle or in the tank, just multiply strength in mg / ml by the number of milliliters you need it.

For example, if the tank 5 vape ml of 6 mg / ml E-fill liquid, you have 5 ml x 6 mg / ml = 30 mg nicotine in the tank. For the same reason, a bottle of 10 ml of 6 mg / ml e-liquid contains 60 mg nicotine as a whole.

Nicotine strength as a percentage
very similar to nicotine strength as a percentage, but a little easier to understand. is used instead of the mass (in mg) and the volume (in ml) combined, the percentage of the second band. In simple terms, numbers like 0.3% or 1.8% only tell you how much fluid is in the bottle nicotine.

This means that if you Liquid E contains several 1.2% nicotine, the amount of which it measures 1.2% and 98.8% nicotine PG, VG and flavors to be.

Technically this measurement “nicotine volume” is called, in the same way and release the percentages on alcohol bottles “alcohol” or ABV. “Nicotine volume” is sometimes shortened to NBO.

You can work out the percentage of the mass, if you want, but the company e-liquid do not usually. We work with e-juice in ml as well as they do.

The conversion of mg / ml for percentages and back
Converting nicotine strength in mg / ml for the percentage is very simple. Just divide the amount in mg / ml with 10 So if you have a 6 mg / ml e-juice, which corresponds to 0.6% of the e-juice. A 25 mg / ml E-juice to 2.5% of E-juice same. And if you have a base nicotine high strength of 72 mg / ml, this will amount to 7.2%.

Conversion could not be easier. To convert a percentage mg / ml back, simply multiply by 10. That’s all there is to it!

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