Protecting Your Battery Vape

How long is the life of the battery of an electronic cigarette (VAPE)? How to make it last longer?

VAPE The battery has a limited lifespan. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a new one when it is time to replace it, but it is possible to kangvape prolong life by developing its use. Here we will show how to extend the life of the battery VAPE and what to do when it reaches the end of his life.


battery electronic cigarette (VAPE) is a consumable.

It’s easy to forget, because there are many parts that are in a relatively short period of time, such as coils and liquid, but the battery that comes with the purchase of VAPE is a consumable item. It depends on how you use the battery, you can not say how long it will take to replace it, but if you continue to use the same battery for a long time, it will eventually reach the end of his life, so you need to replace it at the right time.


How long is the life of the battery of an electronic cigarette (VAPE)?

The replacement period depends on the amount that the battery is consumed, but it is generally said that the battery will reach its end of life after being charged 300 to 500 times. For those that charge once every 1 to 2 days, about 2 years is a guide. If you use the battery a lot and charge twice a day, you may need to replace the battery in a short time as half a year or a year. It also shortens its life if overloaded, modified, or exposed to high temperatures.


How to extend the life of the battery of electronic cigarettes (VAPE)?

The lifespan of the battery is shorter than the frequency of the load increases so that you can last longer imagining how to use it and how to load. For example, by simply reducing the number of times you use your e-cigarette (VAPE) slow charging, which will reduce the number of times you charge and the battery lasts longer. In particular adv vape, if you stop smoking e-cigarettes with chain (VAPE), not only the battery but also consumables are replaced less frequently, reducing the various costs.


You can also develop a method of charging. If the battery is fully charged but continues to be charged, the battery will be overloaded and its life will be shortened. Therefore, be careful, as disconnecting the cable when charging is complete.

On the other hand, those who use the mobile smartphone battery while charging should be careful. Even if you have a mobile battery that supports 2A fast charge, you can not use it for a battery 5V 1A E-cigarette (VAPE). Using a rapid charger charge carriers can cause injury or accidents, so make sure it complies with the standard battery for electronic cigarettes (VAPE) before use.


Also, if you load after each use, it will drain the battery faster. The battery will last longer if you charge it after the battery is low to some extent, rather than loading frequently. If you are worried about the remaining amount, it is a way to prepare a spare electronic cigarette (VAPE) for the VAPE the regular user may miss costs.

Also, if you use a VAPE which can adjust the amount of water vapor, you can extend the life of the battery by reducing the amount. The more you smoke do more electricity you use. By reducing the amount of smoke, the number of refills can be reduced, thereby prolonging the life of the battery.

What are the criteria for determining whether an electronic cigarette (VAPE) has reached the end of its useful life?

The battery life is judged by the condition of VAPE. First, if you do not feel well when one VAPE suspect that the battery may have reached the end of his life uses. For example, a state in which the flavor is light, smoke is hard to leave, and the remaining amount is exhausted immediately after charging the battery. However, it may be difficult to make a judgment about symptoms such as difficulty in light taste and smoke emission also occurs due to the deterioration of the coil. Ultimately, a judge for the load range for everyday use.

What to do when the battery of an electronic cigarette (VAPE) is reached?

Eventually, you will have to buy a new one, but even if it reaches the end of its life, the only remaining charge will decrease rapidly, and if you allow it, you can continue to use it as is. However, if you continue to use the used battery, you can expand, explode or leak, so it is recommended that it be replaced as soon as possible when the battery reaches the end of its useful life.


First, replacing the battery is not so difficult. First, you have to buy a new mod that corresponds to the battery of the electronic cigarette (VAPE). A buying a new mod, if a lot of vapes used, choose a type with a capacity large. You can use a lot, and it is recommended because it reduces the number of load times and reduces battery consumption. The standard for a high-capacity battery is 2000mAh or more.

In addition, there are two types of VAPE MOD, a built-in type and a replaceable type. Both are lithium-ion, but the method differs depending on the substitution type. Check the battery type that has VAPE before replacing the mod.


If it is a replaceable product, simply replace it with a new battery and replacement will be completed. These types are characterized by their high expandability, and while there are many types of modifications, knowledge of the batteries required to handle them. Since the battery to be replaced is one dedicated electronic cigarette (VAPE) can not be used with the general, such as batteries found in consumer electronic retail stores. On the other hand, to replace the built-in battery type, simply vv vw mods replace the MoD as is. There are fewer options than the replaceable type, but it is easy to replace and easy to handle.

After replacing the Ministry of Defense, finally, that the old battery to store consumer electronics or e-cigarette (VAPE) specialty store and dispose of it. If there is a nearby store, dispose of it in accordance with local government regulations. If given a blow to the battery, it may ignite or explode, so be careful not to put as burning trash.


Battery life is an unavoidable problem for anyone using a vape. Batteries have a limited life and need to be replaced when the time comes, but depending on how you use your e-cigarette (VAPE), which can extend its life. If you are concerned about the cost, devise a way to charge and use the battery.

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